Saskatoon loves great coffee!

Breve Latte Coffee Art

Breve Latte Coffee Art

We Saskatoon folk love our coffee. We have cafes loaded with friendly people reading on laptops, visiting with friends and holding business meetings over a steaming hot cup of coffee. The quest to find a quality cafe has Saskatoon coffee-shop owners importing and brewing some of the most delicious coffee and espresso in Canada. Here is our list, a local’s guide to coffee in Saskatoon to help you find that perfect cup.


The Best Cup of Coffee in Saskatoon

I’ve made my way around to every shop in this city that claims to make a good cup of coffee, Saskatoon finally has a few places that make a decent cup. Did I say best cup of coffee? what I meant was the best damn latte in Saskatoon. For that your going to need to check out underground cafe on 20th street. I would highly recommend trying a breve latte or if your really feeling adventurous ask for a breve Richie Vallens.  You won’t regret it.


New Business in Saskatoon Selling Hipster Style Sit / Stand Desks

As my friends know, I love my standing computer desk. Long days writing code sitting at my desk are not doing my body any good. I have been so happy with my decision to purchase a sit / stand computer desk. I originally started out with a manual crank desk because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like standing and working. Turns out it’s fantastic and I spend 2/3 of the day on my feet now. I recently upgraded to an electric adjustable height desk so that I could move between sitting and stand a little more quickly. Doing the manual crank thing gets old pretty fast.

If your thinking about making the move to a standing desk obviously I recommend it. You still have to maintain your posture while your working. Don’t lean on the desk and get lazy, I takes some time to get used to but totally worth it in the end.

check out Rocky Mountain Desks in Saskatoon



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